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Take advantage of our turnkey formula. We have everything in-house to make you shine: 

- Creative vision and experience

We have over 15 years of experience creating mountain biking content. We know the angles and the elements necessary to produce and edit dynamic videos to do justice to your project / product. 

- Production equipment

Equipped with a compact and high quality kit including a Fuji Film XT-4 camera with gimball stabilization, a drone, as well as the latest GoPro, we can create images that match your project, and anywhere. 


- Athletes

Our team of cyclists knows how to bring out the best in terrain and products through clean, controlled and stylized riding. 

- Visibility and reputation

We can, with a vision of mutual growth, publish on our channels and promote your project. So benefit from both our visibility (8.6k subscribers on YouTube) as well as our credibility. Of course, we will have to agree with your offer and really support your vision in order to respect our audience. 


Trail showcasing

Are you launching a new signature trail and want to showcase it? Whether in ''POV discovery'' mode or in ''full production'' mode we will be able to bring out the best in your work!

Promotion of your products/services

Do you work with your heart to offer cyclists an extraordinary product or service? Whether it be a production developed around your offer, or even for product placement to be introduced in a Youtube video, we are here for you.


Discovery of trails in POV mode. Simple, effective, affordable.

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