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By taking a private course with Simon Drouin or Georges-Étienne (Estrie), you will have the opportunity to be certified Pilot (Level 3), at no additional cost.


What is this, and what is it for?


This certifies a certain level of skills in our 4-level development charter.  Why do we start with Level 3 certification?  

Certification will allow us to offer you special clinics: it will unlock the possibility for holders to participate in LVL UP Progression events in 2024 and in the future. Advanced level group progression sessions with a certain homogeneity of levels guaranteed, in order to ensure optimized progress for participants while helping to manage risk!

Criteria :

Mobility and fluidity: The cyclist demonstrates a range of movements of moderate to large amplitude, all with fluidity and general stability., sur technical terrain of black level and flow terrain. 

Jumps: The cyclist is able to overcome a variety of tabletop jumps of moderate size (length varies depending on location) with consistency and relaxation. 


It interests you ? Book a private lesson with Simon or Georges this fall. He will have the criteria in hand to proceed, if you wish. Otherwise, just enjoy the teaching! If youown already the level and that during the course the coach can easily observe the criteria,  the certification will be given to you de facto!

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